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Worst Marketing Idea Ever

It wasn't a joke. "Wait, you're serious?" I inquired, thinking my friend was pulling a fast one on me. He assured me that he was, in fact, serious and he even bought a can for Gertie to prove it. There it was as clear as day: Disney's Old Yeller brand dog food. I nearly spit my drink out.

old yeller dog food

Now we've all seen and read about failed ad campaigns. Remember the Gap white sweater campaign? Infiniti car commercials that did everything but show you the car? Crystal Pepsi?

Ok, the list is long and that's why it's so shocking to see something like this on the market today. I don't know much about dog food, but I imagine it takes a lot of work to process this stuff, print the labels, and get shelf space. A lot of time, money, and meetings where people get together and plan things. In other words, a lot of people thought this was a good idea.

As a loyal dog owner and Marketing Director, I just can't get my mind around this. "So what should we call this new tasty dog food we've invented?"

"I know, let's run it by Disney so we can name it after the most depressing movie of all time, that'll make people want to buy it by the truckloads."

They even include this cute little copy on the back of the can:

"No film better captures the powerful emotions of hope, courage, and friendship that this treasured and much beloved classic, OLD YELLER."

For one they forgot the powerful emotion of total and complete loss...or the overwhelming trauma I experienced the day we watched this film in elementary school. The copy goes on and on, but never once mentions the fact that the kid is forced to kill his dog at the end.

Maybe I'm just being cynical, but why didn't they go after a more benign Disney character?

"I'm Not Dead"

Did the marketing team behind this product even watch Old Yeller? I mean, the whole movie?

March 17, 2008

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