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Traeger Bacon

I've got to admit that I've enjoyed the bacon phenomenon. For me, it started with Bacon Cups and slowly moved to Jim Gaffigan's latest routine on bacon before ending up in the library where I read tomes of Francis Bacon, but only before I re-watched Footloose.

It was all fine and good, maybe even a bit passe at this point until we came into use of a Traeger BBQ. A Traeger isn't your usual BBQ. For one, it runs on wood pellets instead of gas or charcoal, and secondly, it cooks with indirect heat. The Traeger has a small hopper that continually feeds the pellets into a burner, creating a continual constant heat that's complete with real wood smoke.

traeger bbq
Traeger BBQ
(covered in pollen)

The ability to effortlessly smoke food at lower temperatures means that you can smoke your own chicken, fish, or even cook food like steak at a high temperature. It's versatile, simple, and infuses all of your food with a real smoky flavor.

traeger bacon

The Traeger can make most any food delicious, but it doesn't just cook bacon, it transfigures it. The grill allows the excess grease to escape and replaces it with a wonderful smoky flavor.

traeger bbq

One warning though- the beautiful smoky aroma will attract neighbors, in-laws, and feral beagles to your bbq:

traeger smoker

And the bacon? It's divine. I think it's what they serve in heaven. It doesn't get all crispy or soggy like fried bacon, I've never tried microwave bacon but it's way better than that, and it has more flavor that putting it in the oven.

I made use of a bit of this morning's haul by frying up some eggs and making breakfast sandwiches (notice how the bacon serves as a meaty bungee cord, securing the eggs, cheese, and tomato to the toast).

breakfast bacon

But the really nice part is that I am now in possession of a lot of smoked bacon. I can top my salads with it, make a killer BLT, or just eat it in bed while watching reruns of MASH. It's my bacon. My precious, precious bacon...

June 13, 2009

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