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The House That Hell Built

haunted cookie house

It has been a most unpleasant week here in Long Beach, CA. It is hot out. Really really hot. And the Santa Ana winds are blowing. My Halloween spirit has wilted a bit. So very very hot and windy.

haunted house cookie TJs

So let's head inside to the air conditioning to see if we can't reclaim a bit of the our Halloween pregame. Up today, little Bean and I have Trader Joe's Haunted House Chocolate Cookie Kit. Food that doubles as a craft:

haunted cookie house

Or Maybe it's a craft that doubles as food:

haunted cookie house

Maybe the heat has made a bit delirious, but I got a kick out of the nutritional information. I know they have to post it, but it really makes you wonder how they determined the serving size for a haunted chocolate house. Outside of an emergency situation I can't imagine eating this thing. Granted, at my house this thing will be covered in toddler prints and cat hair within a few hours, but still.

"You wanna stop and grab a bite?"

"I would, but I had a gingerbread house earlier. I'm good."

Maybe it is just the heat.

haunted cookie house

For around $7 you get a complete, ready to assemble haunted house cookie kit. This is a bargain if you're looking to keep a toddler entertained indoors. Everything is pre-cut, pre-measured, and ready to go. Just use the pouches of icing to secure your foundation and try your best to hold it into place until the icing hardens.

haunted cookie house

haunted cookie house

haunted cookie house

Our inspiration here was Robie House meets Mockingbird Lane, but you probably picked up on that already. We had to supply the gumdrops, but the kit does include a nice assortment of candy bones, bats and beads on top of the black and orange icing.

haunted cookie house

You can even add your own accents. We opted for a mini pumpkin and some hand colored foliage.

haunted cookie house

The wailing ghost is a nice touch and it keeps the skeptics at bay. This house is definitely haunted. And delicious.

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