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Halloween Extravaganza 2016

Hello, welcome guys and ghouls, to the 2016 Halloween Extravaganza, a non-stop runaway train that will hopefully make it all the way to October 31st before it crashes into a flaming heap!

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Ten years ago, I started this site with a clumsy review of Poltergeist. This year, I felt the Halloween spirit earlier than usual and made a solemn promise to make this the site's best year ever. I don't really have to reach for that considering that I can go dark for years on end, but I want it to be something special and I hope you'll enjoy the journey with me.

This year, I'm going back to the basics and covering some of my favorite things of the season. It may not be particularly pretty or well written, but it will be the most sincere pumpkin patch this side of the netherworld.

Halloween Grab Bag Giveaway!
halloween giveaway

To start, I've got a little enticement. If you're Halloween spirit meter's running a bit low this year, send me your name/address and we'll send you a little grab bag of cheer completely gratis. What's inside? you ask? Well, that's the point isn't it, not to know. But seriously you'll find a few yummy goodies inside, perhaps a trinket, and a lucky random few will find something a bit more premium. It's a grab bag, so grab bag rules apply.

It's completely free and we're not doing anything with your name/info other than sending you a grab bag. Supplies are limited, so act fast! Also, we can only ship to US addresses. Hope you understand.

So come early and often and celebrate this fine holiday with us!

July 25, 2020

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