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Random Halloween Candy

I'm off to a late start this year, but not without my reasons. We just moved to beautiful Burbank, CA and are still working to get everything in its proper place (turns out, moving is much more work when kids are involved, who knew?). But without further ado, here is a hastily written article about some of this year's Halloween candy.

halloween candy


Peeps are something I buy every year with some vague aspirations for an article. And every year without fail, I discover several unopened boxes of Peeps gathering dust in the back of my cabinets sometime around February. It's sort of like trying to write about the Great Pumpkin- there isn't much of anything new to bring to the conversation.

black cat peeps

But that has sort of changed. These newfangled Black Cat and Frankenstein Monster Peeps have really captured the spirit of the season and a level of detail that has hereto seemed beyond the reach of those mallow artists (the pumpkin Peeps look like decapitated bunny Peep heads). For a candy that is just as much decoration as confection (does anyone honestly eat these?), this is a real milestone.

peeps delights

Also newish to the holiday are the Peep Delights. Have you ever looked at the person stopped next to you at a stoplight to find that they're vigorously picking their nose, but then you realize you've been watching them for way too long out of pure gross fascination? That describes whoever invented these monstrosities.

Yep, they're oversized Peeps chicks dipped in mystery goo that they're advertising as fudge. Holy shit these are bad.

But if caramel apple and candy corn flavored Peeps aren't your thing, how about apple flavored candy corn?

apple candy corn

Apple Candy Corn

And what if that came in three apple flavored varities?

Last year, Brach's did a Target exclusive Brunch Flavored Candy Corn which served its purpose of getting people to talk about it, even if it tasted a bit weird.

This year, they nailed it. I'm a candy corn purist at heart, but I have to admit that these are really on the mark. All three flavors (apple pie, caramel apple, and green apple) taste exactly what they are supposed to taste like. It's wonkishly weird and delightful.

m&ms cookies and screeem

Cookies and Screeem M&Ms

M&Ms also makes a candy corn variety, but the packaging for these was too much to resist. I guess it shouldn't come as a surprise considering that their commercials consist of people trying to eat walking and talking M&M characters.

halloween M&Ms cookies and cream

The candies themselves are a bit different with a softer shell and a rich, dark color. Truly deserving of the third 'e'.

halloween junior mints

Halloween Junior Mints

If cookies and cream isn't to your liking, you might want to consider a movie sized box of Junior Mints. But these aren't any ordinary junior mints, they may taste like ordinary junior mints, but these have festive black and orange centers!

black junior mint centers

My daughter, the aspiring hand model, was so fascinated with the black goo in the center, she made me take several pictures just to make sure you got a good look. Who would have guessed they could make Junior Mints fun again.

reeses bats

twix halloween ghosts

Halloween Chocolates

I covered some of these last year, but I am such a sucker for the Twix Ghosts that it's really worth mentioning again. It's one thing to throw some Halloween packaging on your otherwise ordinary candy, it's another to come up with special shapes and flavors- even if Reese's just rises to the level of a participation ribbon.

But even looking beyond the pumpkin spice flavored offerings, there are so many great treats this year that are unique to the season that you'd have to be a real Halloweenie not to imbibe.

So stay tuned, there are more articles coming shortly!

Happy Halloween!

July 25, 2020

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