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Halloween Cookie Bake

At first I thought I had simply been preoccupied with life, but it really hit me today: it's already October 11th and I haven't done a thing to usher in the greatest of all holidays.

But I don't think I'm alone this year. The more I paid attention, the more I realized that there just didn't seem to be as many decorations this year. The local grocery stores certainly aren't busting at the seams with creepy end cap displays, and I don't recall seeing as many commercials either.

We're still having Halloween this year, right?

halloween cookies safeway

I can't speak for you, but I'm certainly going to do my best to get into the spirit- and I'm starting by cooking up a bunch of store bought ghost and pumpkin sprinkled chocolate chip cookies!

halloween cookie dough

I decided to stray from the usual Pillsbury sugar cookies and opted for the Safeway brand because I'm cheap and I also prefer chocolate chips and sprinkles on my cookies.

halloween brick of cookie dough

So I pre-heat the oven and broke up that giant brick of cookie dough into the precut shapes God intended. So there weren't quite as many sprinkles as the ones on the box...

Onto the cookie sheet and into the now pre-heated oven. Yes, I was just waiting for the house to fill with the aroma of fresh cookies. Well, maybe I was waiting for a bit more than that. Maybe in my mind it was more akin to a deluge of dancing skeletons, black cats and witch's brew. I don't know, and I kept my judgment suspended, but there's no use. I'm sitting here typing this with an air of Charlie Brown.

halloween cookies are sad

There's a slight fragrance of recently baked cookies, but it isn't overwhelming and the cookies look nothing like the ones on the package; at least half of them are completely devoid of any sprinkles at all.

halloween cookies

Sure they're sweet and moist, and there's also the fact that cookies don't exactly scream Halloween, but I was still hoping for something a little extra.

It's ok though. I'm not taking to despair. Instead, we're going to persevere and make this Halloween come to life. We still have three good weeks left and that's plenty of time to review some great movies and terrible products to get us into the mood.

So join me tomorrow, my dear reader, and join me the day after that because we're going to shake this Halloween malaise and I don't care how many seasonal snack foods it takes.

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