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Halloween Candy Bowl

The supermarket aisles are starting to fill up with seasonal end caps of candy corn and Halloween themed breakfast cereal. It's around this time that Bear starts to get nervous every time I announce my intention to go to the store alone because she knows that I'll be gone for an hour on what should have been a ten minute excursion. Of course I'll blame it on the super slow customer service, but we both know I spent 45 minutes staring at packaging.

halloween candy

So it was hardly a surprise when I came home with a bag of fun-sized candy. She also knows that this is just the tip of the ice berg for the year. I don't normally eat candy, and I rarely eat anything contained in the bag above, but paint the bag purple and black and shrink the candy to tiny individually wrapped packages and the will power goes out the window.

trick or treat candy

The packaging is great, but you're not really in business until you display your holiday treats in a salad bowl. This is the only time of year when you can effortlessly display a motley bevy of totally unrelated candy. When else can you greet your guests with a Twizzler or package that contains three Whoppers?

That's sort of the problem with buying these packages of candy- there's always a stinker in the bunch. And there distribution always favors the candy you don't like. I think they usually do this by guaranteeing that at least 50% of the bag contains Smarties, but this time they got creative on me.

jolly rancher halloween

In this case it was the Jolly Rancher Doubles. The idea looked good on paper (at least the packaging), I mean, I like Jolly Ranchers, so putting two flavors in each piece should double the fun. The only snag to their cunning plan was that every single one is combined with orange. Green apple and orange, grape and orange, it the Dr. Moreau of candy.

hersheys halloween candy

The other thing that stumped me were the chocolate lollipops. Why would you do this when we've come so far in developing new sucker flavors? This isn't 1909 for goodness sake, so why include something in a bag of trick-or-treat candy that trick-or-treaters are guaranteed to hate? I guess it makes sense in a way, though; if they include a few varieties that nobody likes, they're guaranteeing that you'll still have something to pass out to the brats come Oct. 31...

Either way, I'm off to welcome the changing of seasons by ceremonially eating four Milk Duds.

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