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Candy Corn Flavored Dots

Bear and I were at Target the other day when we ran across the Halloween themed Dots candies. I don't know how long the good folks over at Dots have been doing this, but it was interesting to see them attempting to take a nearly extinct brand into the 21st century.

candy corn dots

Of course, Dots aren't extinct, in fact, they are still a staple in those mixed candy bags you buy to distribute to the trick or treaters every year.

So I guess they just figured that since Halloween is the only time people buy these things, why not come out with special Halloween editions? And by Jove, that's exactly what they did. Along with the candy corn flavor, they also had Dots Ghosts and Dots Bats.

candy corn

I think that doing a candy corn flavored version of another candy is probably the obvious choice, but I'm not sure that it's the right one. I have a love hate relationship with this candy. It's one of those things where I think why not have a couple kernels of this delicious confection which quickly declines to "well, I might as well finish the whole bag." There is no moderation with this stuff, you're going to get a stomach ache, that's all there is to it.

dots candy

So you combine that with a candy that is guaranteed to be flavorless and pull your fillings out? I don't mean to harp on a candy that has been around since the beginning of candy, but I don't think it's good...and I've touted the deliciousness of the Necco Wafer and the complexity of the circus peanut. This is a trip to the dentist, not a candy.

candy corn dots halloween

I think that the candy corn flavored dots were a lot fresher than what I am used to because these were actually soft. That was nice. But they didn't taste anything like candy corn. Actually, they didn't taste like anything. Sure they had that strange initial flavor that all Dots have, but outside of that- nothing much.

So candy corn Dots taste like nothing. Mystery solved. Though I did see that the Dots Bats are blood orange flavored, so I'm sure I'll be giving that a try.

Until tomorrow...

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